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    1. 歡迎您來到江蘇建威建設管理有限公司網站!




      The company by the Jiangsu Provincial Construction Department directly under the two institutions in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province to build the project cost firms bidding Center Wei works in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of the State Council requirements from restructuring the merger and reorganization, was founded in 2002 March.

      Cost engineering firm in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province to build Engineering Tendering Center was the project cost and project bidding agency service areas within the largest independent professional institutions. In addition to provide advisory services, company predecessor agencies involved in the management audit, construction of tangible market price of audit services, key construction project cost assessment and final accounts audit as well as the province of some large and medium-sized construction project bidding agency service.

      After the restructuring, merger and reorganization of the agency for Jiangsu to build Engineering Consulting Co., ltd.. The new company uphold the fine traditions, abide by the occupation standards, continue to develop in a fair, good faith. The breadth and depth of service types have been expanding, and gradually expand the scale of business income of the company. At present, the company has developed into a comprehensive consulting company, become Chinese engineering cost management, Chinese Engineering Consulting Association, Jiangsu province Tendering Agency Association, Jiangsu Province Engineering Cost Management Association member units.


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